Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rita and my first post!

This is my first post about the adventures of renovating a Rambling Ranch Home. Specifically my mother-in-law's home. Rita was given the property across the road from her parents home when she got married in 1958. She and her husband proceeded to look at home design books to decide what kind of home they would want. I believe I have found the book that was the inspiration to the design of their home, New Brick Homes, by Garlinghouse.

I spoke with a representative of the company a couple of weeks ago to see if they had kept an archive of their past floor plans and design books and found out that they had just "dumped all of the books in the garbage" a couple of weeks earlier since they did not get any takers from e-bay buyers. Oh, if I had found the book earlier I would have been able to share with all the MCM folks a wonder collection of historic data to use as a reference.

I will update with before and after pictures soon. I am off to do more research.


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